High-throughput Automated Sample Preparation System

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The MGISTP-7000 is the newest high-throughput automated sample transfer processing system. This system integrates tube decapping, recapping, barcode identification, automated liquid transfer and negative pressure protection. Transfer 192 samples to 96-well microplates in just 40 minutes. HEPA filtration and UV light help prevent cross contamination.

Sample Prep

Skip tedious tube handling and sample prep steps. Just click and walk away. Easy-to-use platform allows effortless set-up and quick operation.


Transfer 192 clinical samples from screw cap transport tubes to 96-well microplates in just 40 minutes.

Automated Rapid

Four integrated barcode scanners read sample tubes efficiently and quickly.


Two-channel independent pipette heads offer a broad volume range (10uL to 1000uL), with all transfer steps integrated into a closed negative pressure system.

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Load Cap Samples

Reduce risk of exposure and contamination by loading capped samples directly to instrument rack.

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Scan sample tubes and decap

Epson robot arm, four de-capping modules and two channel independent pipette heads transfer up to 192 clinical samples from screw cap or regular sample tubes to 96-well microplate in 40 minutes. Four barcode scanners read and automatically transfer information to ZLIMS for accurate sample tracability. 2 of 4
Precisely pipette into 96-well plate

Two channel pipette with wide volume range transfer samples into ANSI/SBS 96-well microplates rapidly and precisely. This format supports a wide variety of automated laboratory equipment. 3 of 4

Automatically cap tubes and recycle 

Sample tubes are re-capped after liquid transfer and are ready to be recycled, all in a HEPA filtered and UV lit environment.

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Single-click, fast & accurate sample transfer processing

With just a single-click, the MGISTP-7000 will take care of tedious sample preparation and pre-analytical steps in an enclosed HEPA+UV environment. Pair the system with ZLIMS to help integrate downstream third-party systems for RT-PCR and/or nucleic acid extraction.

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Electrical RequirementsPower: 100 – 240 V
Hz: 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption: 1000VA
Operating EnvironmentTemperature: 19ºC – 25ºC
Relative Humidity: 20% RH – 80% RH,
Atmospheric Pressure: 80 kPa – 106 kPa
FunctionsIntegrate multiple functions, including decapping, recapping, barcode indentitfication, automated liquid transfer, HEPA-filtration, and negative pressure protection.
Throughput192 Samples/40 min
Pipetting PrecisionPipetting Method: Base on the priciple of air displacement, with disposable tips
Volume Range: 10µL – 1000µL
CV: 10µL – <5%; 100µL - <2%; 1000µL - <1%
Accuracy: 10µL – <±10%; 100µL - <±5%; 1000µL - <±2%
Robot Arm AccuracyX-Y-Z: ±0.1mm
Barcode ScannerFour 1D Scanner Sensors
ProtectionUV Light: 36W
Supply/Exhaust Air Filter: ISO5, HEPA 99.995% at 0.3µm,
Negative Pressure System
Tube CompatibiltyUniversal fit. Excellent fit on 5mL and 10mL Ttansport tube with screw cap.


Yes, if the tube sizes are within the instrument specifications.

There are multiple tube sizes supported in the system using four different types of tube racks. Please contact us for more details.

The MGISTP-7000 can process blood, serum, saliva, throat swab, nasal swab, DMSO or aqueous solutions.

Yes. Applications that use test tube and microplates are all supported, such as those applications used in clinical testing, blood banks, and drug research, and biochemical assays.

We recommend using sterile 1000uL black conductive tips, with disposable filter tip to transfer sample. This tip is compatible with the liquid detection function supported by the system. 1000uL transparent tips are also compatible.

Two HEPA filtration and one 36W UV light ensure a safer working environment for both liquid transfer and lab technicians. Exhaust air filter provides ISO5 air, 99.995% at 0.3um.

There is no aerosol pollution risk. There are two ways aerosol pollution is prevented: exhaust air filter provides ISO5, 99.995% at 0.3um, creating a particle-free environment inside of MGISTP- 7000. MGI filter tips also help prevent aerosol pollution.

Yes. MGI provides a free software API to users for you to integrate with your own LIMS system.

Two pipetting channels with a volume range of 10μL-1000μL and an identified target tube with internal standards help to set internal standards.

192 samples per run in 40 minutes or roughly 7000 samples in 24 hours.

The MGISTP-7000 is for research use only (RUO). CLIA labs can validate performance and use for their laboratory developed test (LDT) if desired.

Yes, any extraction system that uses microwell plates can benefit from MGISTP-7000 automation.

Yes. Use either pre-barcoded tubes or manually barcode tubes if they are not already barcoded.

Heat inactivation is strongly recommended prior to sample loading onto system. There is no inactivation function.

Preparing a spare tube rack before current batch of samples is complete will save time and increase throughput. Make sure to clean tube rack with water, ethanol, and/or bleach prior to loading sample tubes.
Optimize aspiration speed of the pipettor in MGISTP-7000 system.

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