Covid-19 clinical lab
partnership program

BGI and MGI, leading suppliers of COVID-19 test kits and automated sample preparation system, have launched a new Clinical Lab Partnership Program, to expand our CLIA/CAP lab network. The Program is designed to empower your lab with our readily available trusted lab supplies as well as our commercial and technical support so you can focus on maximizing lab productivity and delivering test results. Our partner labs enjoy many more exclusive benefits than regular labs.


We have built and secured an abundant supply of kits for sample collection, RNA extraction and RT-PCR testing. Our manufacturing capacity expansion and streamlined distribution enable us to supply these critical items without any back- logs.

lab solution

Our total lab solution is a proven, integrated workflow. It has received global regulatory approvals or emergency use authorizations, and has shown to outperform in clinical sensitivity. Your program participation will provide you early access to our future COVID-19 products and technologies.

Test Volume

We are committed to ramping up your test volume by customer referral. In return, you receive more favorable service terms and product pricing. Our high-throughput automated sample preparation system will significantly improve your testing efficiency and reproducibility.

Premier Sales and
Customer Support

You can count on our established commercial infra-structure and other resources for enhanced sales/marketing and customer support. We will support your Request For Proposal (RFP) submissions to secure new testing contracts.

Regular Labs Partner Labs
BGI RT-PCR SARS-CoV-2 Detection Kit Order
MGI Viral RNA Extraction Kit Order
MGI Automation Sample Prep System Order
Sample Collection Kit Order
RFP Submission Support
Test Referral
Favorable Pricing
Enhanced Customer Support
BGI-MGI Sales & Marketing Resources
Early Access to New BGI-MGI Products


  • Labs are CLIA-certified and/or CAP-accredited
  • IVD experience with real time PCR machines and trained professionals
  • Ability to report test results within 24-48 hours upon sample arrival
  • Proper security measures in place for HIPAA-compliance
  • Online ordering, reporting portal and post-testing support desirable

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